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Please support the Association Doubale. It is a non-profit association that was set up by Mamady Keita in Belgium to directly assist the population of Balandougou. Association Doubale are currently building a medical dispensary in the village and need funds to complete the construction and furnish the offices and treatment rooms. Donate and support Mamady's village in Guinee! Visit http://www.doubale.org/ and donate

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Desiring to get out of the cocoon formed by the ballet and to establish his own name as an independent musician, he joined Souleymane Koli’s Koteba ballet based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He stayed with the band for a year and a half and completed two more world tours. It was in this period that he was cast in his second movie, La vie platinée.

{mospagebreak} By 1988 Mamady’s name began to travel beyond West Africa. It was then that a group of percussionists in Belgium who had formed a non-profit organization called Zig Zag negotiated to bring Mamady to Brussels to teach and perform at their music school called Repercussions. Later that same year, Mamady established his own performance ensemble, Sewa Kan. The name refers to a Malinke proverb which says, “Ni kan tiyen, sewa tiyen. Ni sewa tiyen, kantiyen,” “Without music there is no joy, without joy there is no music.”

In 1989 Mamady recorded his first album with Sewa Kan titled Wassolon, produced by Zig Zag and Fonti Musicali in Brussels.

Mamady was the first percussionist to organize a drum and dance workshop in collaboration with the Republic of Guinea’s Secretary of Arts & Culture; his first camp in 1990 was officially recognized as an international cultural exchange and 35 European students were hosted by the Secretary of Arts & Culture in Conakry for an intensive 4-week drum and dance camp. Mamady has continued to bring students to Guinea each year since.

Mamady Keita Signature Series Djembes

001 Mamady-and-Jeremy
Following the death of his personal djembe makers, Mamady spent long years without finding other people able to sculpt an instrument that matched not only by the aesthetics; but above all, the sound that fitted him.

For about 15 years, Jeremy Tomasck has been experimenting with the djembe as well as it’s making, first as a beginner drummer and rapidly as a repairer too…
He carries out a deep research in sound, along with tree-trunk sculptors and skin mounters( in Belgium, Guinea and Mali) ; following, of course, Mamady’s advice.
For about 5 years now, Jeremy has reached such fine quality in assembling his djembes that his master now plays them!

Playing these instruments awakened Mamady’s curiosity, who then wished to meet the sculptors.

Convinced by that team’s work, he then proposed to Jeremy to create a limited edition series of professional djembes  (40 pieces). The instruments go through several quality checks, but in the end, Mamady alone decides if a djembe is Worth being part of the series, he’s the ultimate quality checker.

Price : 1000€ + Shipping Fees (depending on what area of the world)
Contact & Information : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Mamady Keita became the patron of Sewa Beats in 2008.
Leading rhythm consultancy to multinational companies, corporations, sports teams, business schools and NGOs around the globe, Sewa Beats specialises in team building, and organisational and leadership development by combining the traditions of Malinke music with twenty-first century learning techniques.

Mamady is honoured to be part of such an organisation that disseminates and preserves his culture.


Together with Mamady, Sewa Beats embraces the values of trust, transparency, integrity, harmony and respect. Sewa Beats imparts these values in the work they do thus providing individuals and teams with the fundamental tools for working together effectively.

Mamady fully endorses the Sewa Beats approach and has given the organisation his exclusive representation for keynote or inspirational speaking at conferences and events.

If you wish to be a part of Sewa Beats and play a role in extending these universal values across different spheres of life, please visit the Sewa Beats web-site to find out more.

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